At Alinium, we recommend Managed Support Services for every Salesforce implementation project we complete. Our experts work closely with your business users and subject matter experts during deployment phase to increase user adoption and maximize your investments in SFDC implementation. Managed support services include but not limited to customize UI and security settings, data validation rules customization, process automation, customized reporting and minor functionality enhancements. For clients who have not worked with Alinium on a prior implementation project, we offer a hybrid package of Senior Consulting and Managed Support to help your organization by fine-tuning the solution, providing adoption tips and maintenance as needed. Let our reliable, flexible, and cost-effective support transform your business.

Key benefits include:

Cost Savings

Realize significant savings in labor costs by not staffing full time administrator and in-house support team.


Easily scale resources and support up or down depending on demand.


Access to experienced certified consultants at a lower cost from a managed service provider than by hiring specialized employees.


Free up in-house staff to focus on business while our expert team handles the daily requests.